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“Remote” – a short documentary on drone warfare I produced.

I completed this short video – just under 9 minutes – while at documentary film school in London at the end of 2015. It discusses issues relating to drone warfare. While drones are often discussed through a technological-militaristic framework, I … Continue reading

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Great piece at TomDispatch by John Feffer on”Splinterlands.” As human problems become more global in the age of the “Anthropocene,” we nonetheless find ourselves increasingly divided… As everyone now knows, however, this spirit of integration would, in the end, go … Continue reading

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When the truth is also a lie: drone strikes in Yemen

Human Rights Watch has called upon the U.S. government to investigate a 2013 drone strike in Yemen that targeted a wedding procession. The December 12 attack, which was probably carried out by the military’s JSOC, killed 12 men and wounded … Continue reading

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Geography, the AAG, and the military – Joel Wainwright

I just received word from Joel that Antipode have published an intervention of his: ‘“A remarkable disconnect”: On violence, military research, and the AAG’. The piece discusses the lack of collective discussion around the militarization of geography, and the U.S. … Continue reading

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CODEPINK 2013 Drone Summit

CODEPINK are hosting their second international drone summit in Washington DC this November. We are bringing together drone survivors and families of victims from Pakistan and Yemen, human rights advocates, lawyers, authors, social media experts, technology experts, artists and musicians, … Continue reading

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Cornell West: Obama a “Global Zimmerman” as Drone Chief

The inimitable Cornell West speaks to Amy Goldman on Democracy Now, where he charges that Obama has no moral authority to dennounce the shooting of Martin Trayvon, given his 5 year command of a global drone war that has claimed … Continue reading

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Don’t shoot drones: My top 10 predictions for the future of drones in the U.S.

The U.S.’ Federal Aviation Administration–the organization in charge of American airspace– has warned people that firing at drones endangers the public and property, and could lead to prosecution. What promoted this? An ordinance under consideration at the tiny farming community … Continue reading

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Majority of world does not support drone strikes

According to a study by Washington-based Pew Research Center, the majority of the 39 countries polled oppose the Obama administration’s drone strikes. In 31 nations, at least half of those surveyed disapprove of the US conducting targeted killings in locations … Continue reading

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Micah Zenko on the need for accountability

Leon Panetta had unique and unprecedented access into U.S. targeted killing programs as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (February 2009–June 2011) and secretary of defense (June 2011–February 2013). As Daniel Klaidman revealed last year, one procedural change … Continue reading

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U.S. drone strikes radicalize an entire generation

The Sabaoon School for boys in Swat Valley aims to “de-radicalize” local youth, aged 8-18. Its attendees have all been involved in some form of militant activity. The school’s director claims the teenagers turn to crime, unsurprisingly, as a result … Continue reading

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