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The Iraq-ISIS conflcit in maps

Lots of well-illustrated maps over at the NYT

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U.S. has been flying drones in Iraq for over a year

According to a recent story in The Wall Street Journal, U.S. drones have collected intelligence in Iraqi airspace since 2013. The surveillance program is “limited” in size, although that may change given the recent bloody advance of ISIS in the … Continue reading

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Dirty Wars, A Review, Part 4: The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan)

Iraq The Iraqi occupation (2003-2011) was a mecca for the U.S. military’s Special Operations Forces and a new phase in counter-insurgency that resurrected the CIA’s gruesome tactics of the Vietnam-era of the 1960s. And was a dream come true for … Continue reading

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Unauthorized US drones patrol Iraqi skies

The New York Times reports on the US State Department’s use of drones in Iraqi airspace. One month after US troops pulled out of Iraq, the State is operating a small feet of drone for surveillance of the US Embassy … Continue reading

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Contractors in post-occupation Iraq

A handful of U.S. military personnel will remain in the country, working with the embassy to help with arms sales and training for Iraqi forces. Talks could resume next year on whether more U.S. troops can return for future training … Continue reading

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Private military contractors to remain in Iraq

Despite an immanent US troop drawdown, thousands of private military and security contractors will remain behind, employed by the Department of State. American troops may be leaving Iraq before the end of the year, but U.S. contractors aren’t going anywhere … Continue reading

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All US troops set to withdraw from Iraq at the end of the year

All active US troops are scheduled to leave Iraq, as agreed in 2008. The Obama administration had been keen to extend troop presence, but the Iraq government could not guarantee immunity to the soldiers on the ground. This turned out … Continue reading

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