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Geography, the AAG, and the military – Joel Wainwright

I just received word from Joel that Antipode have published an intervention of his: ‘“A remarkable disconnect”: On violence, military research, and the AAG’. The piece discusses the lack of collective discussion around the militarization of geography, and the U.S. … Continue reading

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The paradoxes and pitfalls of the anti-drone debate.

An intelligent piece written by Myra Macdonald of Reuters that brings attention to the complexities of drone warfare in Pakistan. She argues that by focusing only on the negative impacts of U.S. drone strikes as unilateral acts of imperialism, the … Continue reading

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I, for one, do not welcome our new Predator overlords

Remember the 2010 White House Correspondents dinner? Of course you don’t. Let me remind you of a quip the Commander-in-Chief shared with his audience of suited and booted journalist folk. President Obama, who oversaw the largest escalation of CIA drone … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire: 10 Thoughts on a New Strategy

The gradual intensification of US Predator and Reaper drone deployments across the planet represents a shift in the strategies of modern day warfare, security, and geopolitics. New theaters have been opened across the Gulf–some secret—some not-so-secret. As a National Strategy, … Continue reading

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