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Blowback Somalia (Dirty Wars, a Review, Part 5)

Tragedy, farce, disaster—it’s difficult to assess the consequences of over a decade of U.S. intervention in Somalia. The CIA spent millions of dollars funding brutal warlords that tore up the social fabric of the country. As a direct result, a … Continue reading

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What goes up, must come down (or crash)

In Pakistan, U.S. drones have reportedly killed the the deputy leader of the Pakistani Taliban, Wali ur-Rehman. Mr. Rehman already had a $5 million United States bounty on his head, and American officials accuse him both of organizing attacks on … Continue reading

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Drone attacks ramp up in Somalia

146 Somalis dead over a two day period of US drone strikes. Seventy-nine more people have been killed in US assassination drone attacks in southern Somalia, bringing the death toll to 146 over the past two days, Press TV reported. The US military … Continue reading

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Drone strike in Somalia kills 17 Al Shabab fighters

On Friday, three high-ranking members and 14 fighters of the al-Shabab militant group were killed when the US military used remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicles in an attack on Dhoobley town, which is located near Kismayo, the capital of the lower … Continue reading

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US drone kills 9 civilians in Somalia

Senior Al-Shabaab leaders said that the drone attacks were carried out early on Thursday in the outskirts of Kismayu town, killing nine women and children and wounding 30 others. Kismayu, which is located 528 kilometers south of Mogadishu, is the … Continue reading

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Scahill on CIA ‘blowback’ in Somalia

An excellent Nation report on the CIA’s involvement in Somali politics, warlordism, and the rise of Al Shabab. In any case, the Shabab’s meteoric rise in Somalia, and the legacy of terror it has wrought, is blowback sparked by a decade of … Continue reading

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Al-Shabaab bocking aid to Somalia

Abundant U.S. aid targeted for the Horn of Africa cannot directly reach starving people in southern Somalia because it’s blocked by Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda-aligned Islamist group labeled a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department. That tag, in turn, also … Continue reading

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The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia

A Nation article by Jeremy Scahill, documents the activities of CIA and JSOC operatives in Somalia – a country now under the crosshairs of expanding US counterterrorism operations, given established ties between al-Shabab (a Somalia Islamic militant group) and al-Qaeda.  The CIA runs its compound … Continue reading

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US Drones move to Somalia

Drones operated by the US Special Operations Command (who are also present in Yemen) are expanding to Somalia to fight Islamist fighters (the group called Shabab) in the region, according the New York Times. The Obama administration now sees Al … Continue reading

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