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Remote: a Documentary about Drones and Humans

This is a 33-minute documentary I produced about drone warfare. It covers a lot of ground–from the history of air power, to signature strikes, miniaturized swarming, the future of policing, the role of autonomous AI, and what it all means … Continue reading

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Policing the Future City: Robotic Being-in-the-World

Below is my contribution for the recent collection published in Antipode on Algorithmic Governance. Policing the Future City: Robotic Being-in-the-World Sensor Prison Ripe was the time for a revolution in police surveillance. The Vietnam War served as a laboratory for … Continue reading

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Intervention Symposium: “Algorithmic Governance”; organised by Jeremy Crampton and Andrea Miller

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The following essays first came together at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Jeremy Crampton (Professor of Geography at the University of Kentucky) and Andrea Miller (PhD candidate at University of California, Davis) assembled five panellists to discuss what…

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How intelligent drones are changing warfare

Interesting piece at Rolling Stone: “From autonomous swarms to high-tech cluster bombs, the latest wave of technology is here – and it will change the way we approach armed conflict”

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Opinion: robots and AI could soon have feelings….

Lots of interesting thoughts from Christopher Markou from Cambridge: Get used to hearing a lot more about artificial intelligence. Even if you discount the utopian and dystopian hyperbole, the 21st century will broadly be defined not just by advancements in … Continue reading

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Predator Empire – Reviews

Predator Empire has now picked up 4 positive reviews! Follow the links below: Reviews for Predator Empire Anna Jackman (2017) Antipode. Nayef Al-Rodhan (2016) Science. Courtney J. O’Connor (2016) London School of Economics: Tobias Burgers (2016) Krisis: Journal for Contemporary … Continue reading

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The Great War of Enclosure: Securing the Skies (2017)

I’m delighted that my most recent academic paper on drone warfare has been published by Antipode. Abstract and link below… Abstract Swarms of police drones, fleets of overhead delivery bots, and flocks of private security drones are set to multiply … Continue reading

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