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The Drone Papers Digested: The “Assassination Complex”

In what follows, I want to summarize the main findings from the release of the “drone papers” by the Intercept in late 2015. These documents, from a 2013 Pentagon report, offer a snapshot of U.S. manhunting by JSOC Special Forces … Continue reading

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The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Securitization of Africa

U.S. Marines simulate a riot during a crowd control training exercise with soldiers from Burkina Faso. Source. In what follows, I want to explore, and summarize, four articles–written by Nick Turse–that were released in 2015 about the U.S. military’s presence … Continue reading

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Dirty Wars: A Review, Part 3: Lawfare, or “Operational Preparation of the Battlespace”

Law exacerbates and enables war. For the most part it provides a code or system for legitimizing state violence. At least, this is the case with US Special Forces operating around the globe. It’s partly misleading to characterize their activities … Continue reading

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Dirty Wars: A Review, Part 2: The Rise of JSOC

Dirty Wars: A Review, Part 2: The Rise of JSOC Scahill’s book is first and foremost a book about the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Critics of America’s dirty wars usually focus on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). And there’s … Continue reading

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