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Parents of Australian man killed in Yemen drone strike demand answers

The parents of an Australian man killed in a US drone strike in Yemen want to know how their son died and what evidence the federal government has of his possible links to terrorism. Christopher Harvard, 27, was killed in … Continue reading

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Australia’s Pine Gap and the Global Kill-Net

On the back of the “revelations” about the role of Ramstein Air Base, Germany, in the U.S.’ ongoing drone wars comes former Australian PM’s warning that Australians working at the U.S.-run Pine Gap facility could be liable for war crimes. … Continue reading

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U.K. Stealth Drone to be tested in Australia

The drone, which is named Taranis after the Celtic god of thunder, has been designed to fly intercontinental missions to attack targets and can automatically dodge incoming missiles. The aircraft, which has cost £125 million to build, is intended to … Continue reading

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U.S. flew drones out of Australia

It has recently come to light that gigantic (and cost-inefficient) Global Hawks have been flown out of Edinburgh in South Australia. They were probably used to collect imagery on North Korea. The United States flew highly classified Global Hawk spy … Continue reading

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Australian police want drones

Australian police want aerial surveillance drones to track license plates and monitor cars of interest With hackers, DIYers and the military using them for years, domestic police forces the world over are apparently itching to get some surveillance drones of … Continue reading

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