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Robot Wars: US Empire and Geopolitics in the Robotic Age

My latest open-access paper has just come online over at Security Dialogue. Abstract: How will the robot age transform warfare? What geopolitical futures are being imagined by the US military? This article constructs a robotic futurology to examine these crucial … Continue reading

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Remote: a Documentary about Drones and Humans

This is a 33-minute documentary I produced about drone warfare. It covers a lot of ground–from the history of air power, to signature strikes, miniaturized swarming, the future of policing, the role of autonomous AI, and what it all means … Continue reading

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Predator Empire – Reviews

Predator Empire has now picked up 4 positive reviews! Follow the links below: Reviews for Predator Empire Anna Jackman (2017) Antipode. Nayef Al-Rodhan (2016) Science. Courtney J. O’Connor (2016) London School of Economics: Tobias Burgers (2016) Krisis: Journal for Contemporary … Continue reading

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The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Securitization of Africa

U.S. Marines simulate a riot during a crowd control training exercise with soldiers from Burkina Faso. Source. In what follows, I want to explore, and summarize, four articles–written by Nick Turse–that were released in 2015 about the U.S. military’s presence … Continue reading

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U.S. military drones have crashed 418 times since 2001

Interactive graphic here. The Washington Post has compiled a report on the number of U.S. military drone crashes, between September 2001 and the close of 2013. There have been a total of at least 418 crashes. The reasons are varied–and … Continue reading

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Fear of Robotic Advancements

The New York Times carries a story on the likely dangers that “next generation” autonomous robots pose to humans in the workplace and beyond. “Robots have caused at least 33 workplace deaths and injuries in the United States in the … Continue reading

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Third of Britons fear rise of robots – poll

More than one in three Britons fear the rise of the machines will threaten the human race, a survey has claimed. Almost as many worry they could lose their job to robots, and 10% expect to see RoboCop-style police in … Continue reading

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