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An Empire of Bases and Special Forces: Garrisoning the Globe

In what follows, I explore the U.S. military’s global basing and Special Forces strategy. The article updates a lot of my own previous writing on the U.S. military’s “Baseworld” or “Droneworld,” and gives fresh statistics on the number of U.S. … Continue reading

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The U.S. Military’s Ongoing Securitization of Africa

U.S. Marines simulate a riot during a crowd control training exercise with soldiers from Burkina Faso. Source. In what follows, I want to explore, and summarize, four articles–written by Nick Turse–that were released in 2015 about the U.S. military’s presence … Continue reading

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U.S. confirms drones used in hunt for kidnapped Nigerian girls

The U.S. is now using unmanned drones in the search for hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by the Islamist group Boko Haram, the White House said Wednesday. The deployment of drones comes in addition to manned surveillance flights and satellite … Continue reading

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U.S. extends drone and special ops base in Djibouti

The Obama administration has signed a 20-year lease of Camp Lemonnier in the small African country of Djibouti–the “only” full-scale base on the continent, and a 4,000-strong hub for counter-terrorist operations throughout the Horn of Africa and Yemen. The deal … Continue reading

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The U.S. military is now “at war” in Africa

Nick Turse over at TomDispatch reports, once again, on the U.S. military’s “Africa pivot.” While AFRICOM is typically tight-lipped about its growing presence on the continent, Turse was able to acquire a more frank assessment of the military’s intentions during … Continue reading

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Africa: “The Battlefield of Tomorrow, Today”

Nick Turse once again reports on the growth of U.S. “training” activities across the continent of Africa, under the regional command known as “AFRICOM.” Highlights include: Between 2008 to 2013, the number of missions, exercises, operations, and other activities under … Continue reading

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Obama escalates hunt for Joseph Kony

The Washington Post reports that Obama is ramping up Special Forces in Central Africa in the hunt for Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army, taking the number of troops in the region up to 300. Graphic credit  

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The U.S. military’s rush to secure Africa

David Cloud of the LA Times writes an interesting piece on the growing involvement of U.S. Special Forces in North Africa. Typically, small teams have worked in remote and skeletal outposts to train native armed forces across “an arc of … Continue reading

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Facebook to purchase 11,000 drones to “connect Africa”

The globalization of human connection is part of a long, centuries-old trend in the “modern age.” But the 21-st century “synchronous world” still has a vast “outside”–a blank spot on the map that is about to be incorporated by a … Continue reading

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UN peacekeepers to acquire first drone in Congo

The United Nations has confirmed its peacekeepers will deploy an Italian-made drone in eastern Congo, a region that has been engulfed in conflict for close to two decades. The “Falco” will fly after the UN Security Council approved the trial … Continue reading

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