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The Dronification of State Violence, Part 1: Life and Death in the West Wing

This post is part of a series of sections from a broader paper, which can be found online here. Full citation: Ian Shaw and Majed Akhter (2014) The Dronification of State Violence, Critical Asian Studies, 46(2): 211-234. Introduction: Life and … Continue reading

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The Dronification of State Violence – published

I have just been notified that Critical Asian Studies have published my co-authored paper, “The Dronification of State Violence.” Here’s the abstract: This article explores the shifting methods of U.S. state violence. Building on their earlier work, the authors focus … Continue reading

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Bureaucratic Assassination — How do U.S. Targeted Killings Work?

INTRODUCTION Since the First World War and the birth of airpower, both military and civilian personnel have worked together to compile target lists for bombing. New and evolving technology has reduced the “blast radius” of the munitions dropped to such … Continue reading

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Cornell West: Obama a “Global Zimmerman” as Drone Chief

The inimitable Cornell West speaks to Amy Goldman on Democracy Now, where he charges that Obama has no moral authority to dennounce the shooting of Martin Trayvon, given his 5 year command of a global drone war that has claimed … Continue reading

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Obama on “Just [drone] War” – the long awaited speech (and six lingering problems)

White House video and official transcript here. Obama said the U.S. was at a “crossroads” at a speech given on Thursday at the National Defense University. There were two main talking points: drones and Gitmo. It was largely a defense … Continue reading

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Targeted Killing defines the war on terror

In an article related to previous posts, Scott Shane of the New York Times reports on the Obama administration’s preference to kill (with drones) rather than capture terrorist suspects. The story rounds out with a quote from President Obama, who … Continue reading

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Human rights group sign joint letter to Obama

The “statement of shared concern” said the administration should “publicly disclose key targeted killing standards and criteria; ensure that U.S. lethal force operations abroad comply with international law; enable meaningful Congressional oversight and judicial review; and ensure effective investigations, tracking … Continue reading

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