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UN Rapporteur: Drones are doing “structural damage” to international security

The UN’s special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heyns, has submitted a long-awaited report on the use of armed drones. While no nation is singled out, the U.S. is evidently the focus of Heyn’s analysis, which recommends … Continue reading

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Dirty Wars: A Review, Part 3: Lawfare, or “Operational Preparation of the Battlespace”

Law exacerbates and enables war. For the most part it provides a code or system for legitimizing state violence. At least, this is the case with US Special Forces operating around the globe. It’s partly misleading to characterize their activities … Continue reading

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Obama on “Just [drone] War” – the long awaited speech (and six lingering problems)

White House video and official transcript here. Obama said the U.S. was at a “crossroads” at a speech given on Thursday at the National Defense University. There were two main talking points: drones and Gitmo. It was largely a defense … Continue reading

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Radio Interview…. “Drones: Warfare in the 21st Century”

A couple of months ago, I had the rather nervous task of being interviewed by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) for their weekly radio program “Rear Vision”. The show has just been broadcast and can be found online here. The two … Continue reading

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A never-ending conflict

The nature of U.S. state violence has changed quite dramatically over the past decade. As   the occupation of Afghanistan winds down, with some kind of “exit strategy” to be rolled out in 2014, many assume that the tide of … Continue reading

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Pakistani High Court Judge: U.S. Drone Strikes Illegal

In the first major Pakistani court ruling on the legality of the CIA’s drone campaign in the country, a Peshawar High Court judge said this morning that strikes are ‘criminal offences’. Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan ordered Pakistan’s government to ‘use … Continue reading

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Drones in States: Capital or Privacy?

There is a national debate simmering in the U.S. right now. Should state lawmakers welcome the drone industry in their backyard, or should they pass legislation that restricts the spread of unmanned aerial vehicles in the skies, in fear of … Continue reading

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U.S. domestic drone shield

As Florida looks set to ban drones for law enforcement without a search warrant, it is has been interesting to see the explosion of domestic legislation aimed a curbing drone use by the police. It’s an issue that unites left … Continue reading

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U.S. Federal Court: CIA must disclose drone data

A federal appeals court has ruled that the CIA must disclose a description of its records on strikes in response to a FIA request filed by the ACLU. Judge Merrick B. Garland rejected the Obama administration’s efforts to keep the … Continue reading

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A U.S. Drone Court?

During John Brennan’s recent nomination process, Senators grilled the prospective CIA director on the covert drone program he has personally overseen. In response to the executive stonewall that silences details on the targeted killings, one proposal put forward by Senators–which remains … Continue reading

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