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Empire in an Age of Robots and Drones

On July 7, 2016, police forces in Dallas attached a small explosive device to a robot and sent it to kill Micah Johnson, the gunman who shot five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. Dallas Police Chief David … Continue reading

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“Kill Anything that Moves”: Systematic Violence in the Vietnam War

The Real Vietnam War Aberrations, bad apples, one-offs. These are the explanations usually marshaled to explain the abhorrent crimes committed during the U.S. military’s war in Vietnam. The now well-known horror of the My Lai massacre, in which hundreds of … Continue reading

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New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era

Mary Kaldor, 2012, New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era (3rd Edition), Cambridge: Polity Press Mary Kaldor’s New and Old Wars invites us to consider the changing logics, practices, and geographies of violence. Since the seminal “new … Continue reading

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Gaddafi, drones, and violence

The bloody images of Gaddafi serve to remind us of the bloody reality of war. But it is not just a frantic crowd of Libyan rebels brandishing a disposed leader that produce such violent scenes: drone warfare—despite the views from … Continue reading

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The New Revolution in Military Affairs: Private Sector Warfare

The New Revolution in Military Affairs: Private Sector Warfare After giving a talk at Johns Hopkins University to the Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies back in 2005, former United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked by … Continue reading

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