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“Forensic Architects” recreate drone strikes

Story here on the growing use of computer programs to virtually recreate the impact of drone strikes using satellite imagery. The visual data can then be used by “forensic architects” to assess whether a disproportionate number of civilians were targeted in … Continue reading

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UN Rapporteur: Drones are doing “structural damage” to international security

The UN’s special rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Christof Heyns, has submitted a long-awaited report on the use of armed drones. While no nation is singled out, the U.S. is evidently the focus of Heyn’s analysis, which recommends … Continue reading

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UN peacekeepers to acquire first drone in Congo

The United Nations has confirmed its peacekeepers will deploy an Italian-made drone in eastern Congo, a region that has been engulfed in conflict for close to two decades. The “Falco” will fly after the UN Security Council approved the trial … Continue reading

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UN: Drone strikes a violation of Pakistani sovereignty

In news that isn’t really news, UN special rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism, Ben Emmerson, last week stated that “As a matter of international law, the U.S. drone campaign in Pakistan is … being conducted without the consent of the elected representatives of … Continue reading

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An act of self-defense? More on the legality of drone strikes in Pakistan

The legality of drone strikes in Pakistan – an act of self defense?  A state’s right to use force is set out in the United Nations Charter, the rules of customary international law, and in general principles of international law … Continue reading

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Drones and targeted killings: ‘On-the-record’ government speeches

A very helpful blog post over at the Council on Foreign Relations summarizes the Obama administration’s on-the-record justifications for its program of targeted killings. While the details of the CIA’s ‘Third War’ remain shrouded in secrecy, government officials frequently allude to its efficiency, technicity, … Continue reading

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U.N. Special Rapporteur urges drone transparency

Amid mounting global pressure and a range of lawsuits, Ben Emmerson QC, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights, argues that the U.S. must open its program of targeted killings to impartial investigation or face a U.N. inquiry. “We can’t make a … Continue reading

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