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Refusnik – amazing video of our impending droneworld

The Glasgow-based Butler Brothers have released their latest video, Refusnik. It’s an amazing piece that brings together John’s own thoughts about the unmanned society we are in the process of engineering. A must-see for its quality of animation, atmosphere, and … Continue reading

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A never-ending conflict

The nature of U.S. state violence has changed quite dramatically over the past decade. As   the occupation of Afghanistan winds down, with some kind of “exit strategy” to be rolled out in 2014, many assume that the tide of … Continue reading

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A Song in Praise of DARPA – brilliant video

Fantastic short video on our unmanned life from Glasgow-based Butler Brothers, the artists who previously brought you the “Ethical Governor”. Acrohym The Ethical Governor

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Drones and morality: when did ‘can’ become ‘ought’?

A nice piece written John Kaag and Sarah Kreps in the NYT that discusses how the CIA’s program of extra-judicial strikes is a modern incarnation of the Platonic fable of Gyges. It warns that just because drone strikes ‘can’ minimize casualties, both in … Continue reading

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The Coming Swarm

Critical to the future of drone warfare, both in military and paramilitary spaces, is (a) increased autonomy (b) increased cooperation (c) decreased size. The following video of 50 quadrocopters working in unison is a ‘nice’ illustration of all three strands of this … Continue reading

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Drones to monitor US citizens

Barack Obama’s government is expanding its use of remote-controlled drone aircraft from monitoring and killing its enemies overseas to tracking and monitoring average Americans here inside the United States. These are the same drones that the U.S. military claims have … Continue reading

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