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Drone strikes are “counter-productive”, former Obama security adviser

Although it is obvious to lots of people that a “thanatopolitics” – the mobilization of death to secure life – is doomed to failure, when U.S officials acknowledge this shortcoming, it crests in the news. Consider Michael Boyle, who was on Obama’s … Continue reading

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The three ‘eras’ of the Global War on Terror: from Freedom to COIN to Drones

Retired Army Colonel and best-selling author Andrew Bacevich discusses the three ‘periods’ of the war formerly known as the Global War on Terror. Notes from that article below: (1) Liberation by Rumsfeld Neoconvervative favourite Donald Rumsfeld, and former of Secretary … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire: 10 Thoughts on a New Strategy

The gradual intensification of US Predator and Reaper drone deployments across the planet represents a shift in the strategies of modern day warfare, security, and geopolitics. New theaters have been opened across the Gulf–some secret—some not-so-secret. As a National Strategy, … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘arc of instability’

The United States is now involved in wars in six arc-of-instability nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.  It has military personnel deployed in other arc states, including Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, … Continue reading

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CIA shifts focus to killing targets

The Washington Post reports on the shifting focus of the CIA and its counter-terrorism strategies. Once an organization primarily concerned with analysis and policy, the CIA and its its Counterterrorism Center are now central forces in shadowy paramilitary operations in … Continue reading

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Changing definitions of ‘sovereignty’ help legitimize America’s Undeclared Wars

An article about the changing definition of sovereignty from a ‘right’ to a ‘responsibility’ based on a social contract, and the consequent use of ‘interventation’ when nation states no longer serve and protect the people. From Robin Phillips, Spokane Libertarian Examiner. … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Liquidating Empire

By Chalmers Johnson, over at TomDispatch. 1. We need to put a halt to the serious environmental damage done by our bases planet-wide. We also need to stop writing SOFAs that exempt us from any responsibility for cleaning up after … Continue reading

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U.S. Secret War Expands

According to senior military and administration officials, the Obama administration has ramped up secret wars against al-Qaeda and other radical groups. Special Operations forces are growing, where they are already deployed in 75 countries – compared to 60 at the … Continue reading

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“Knockout blow” against al-Qaeda soon

President Obama’s top adviser on Pakistan, Douglas E. Lute, said Friday that the United States had six months to deliver “a knockout blow” to Al Qaeda’s senior leadership in Pakistan while the group was still in turmoil after the killing of … Continue reading

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Former US Intel Chief: Stop the Drone Strikes

Interviewed by CBS at the recent Aspen Security Forum, former Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair criticized the administration’s reliance on U.S. drone strikes. He called for them to be curtailed in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia because they are hurting foreign relations … Continue reading

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