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Drone strikes are “counter-productive”, former Obama security adviser

Although it is obvious to lots of people that a “thanatopolitics” – the mobilization of death to secure life – is doomed to failure, when U.S officials acknowledge this shortcoming, it crests in the news. Consider Michael Boyle, who was on Obama’s … Continue reading

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The three ‘eras’ of the Global War on Terror: from Freedom to COIN to Drones

Retired Army Colonel and best-selling author Andrew Bacevich discusses the three ‘periods’ of the war formerly known as the Global War on Terror. Notes from that article below: (1) Liberation by Rumsfeld Neoconvervative favourite Donald Rumsfeld, and former of Secretary … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire: 10 Thoughts on a New Strategy

The gradual intensification of US Predator and Reaper drone deployments across the planet represents a shift in the strategies of modern day warfare, security, and geopolitics. New theaters have been opened across the Gulf–some secret—some not-so-secret. As a National Strategy, … Continue reading

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Obama’s ‘arc of instability’

The United States is now involved in wars in six arc-of-instability nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen.  It has military personnel deployed in other arc states, including Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, … Continue reading

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CIA shifts focus to killing targets

The Washington Post reports on the shifting focus of the CIA and its counter-terrorism strategies. Once an organization primarily concerned with analysis and policy, the CIA and its its Counterterrorism Center are now central forces in shadowy paramilitary operations in … Continue reading

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Changing definitions of ‘sovereignty’ help legitimize America’s Undeclared Wars

An article about the changing definition of sovereignty from a ‘right’ to a ‘responsibility’ based on a social contract, and the consequent use of ‘interventation’ when nation states no longer serve and protect the people. From Robin Phillips, Spokane Libertarian Examiner. … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Liquidating Empire

By Chalmers Johnson, over at TomDispatch. 1. We need to put a halt to the serious environmental damage done by our bases planet-wide. We also need to stop writing SOFAs that exempt us from any responsibility for cleaning up after … Continue reading

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