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The Haqqani Network – to be terrorist, or not to be?

Karen DeYoung reports on the Obama administration’s conflicted view of the powerful Pakistani-based organization the Haqqani network, whose origin dates back to the Cold War. Proponents, especially from the military, argue that designating the network a terrorist organization is vital … Continue reading

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Unauthorized US drones patrol Iraqi skies

The New York Times reports on the US State Department’s use of drones in Iraqi airspace. One month after US troops pulled out of Iraq, the State is operating a small feet of drone for surveillance of the US Embassy … Continue reading

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Drone strikes split CIA and State Department

The American ambassador to Islamabad, Cameron Munter, phone Washington with an urgent request: Stop an immanent CIA drone strike against militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas, fearing the timing of the attack, which was one day after the government freed a … Continue reading

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US blocks oversight of mercenary army in Iraq

In 2012, the US State Department will hire 5,500 private security contractors to protect its staff and embassy facilities in Iraq, as the military prepares to withdraw. Yet Stuart Rowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGR) will not … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Post-Invasion Prospects?: Business as Usual

With U.S. military forces set to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year, in an agreement originally brokered by former President Bush, the landscape left behind will look remarkably the same. The spaces and places still driven by … Continue reading

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