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Predator Empire – 30% discount at UMP

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The U.S. military’s rush to secure Africa

David Cloud of the LA Times writes an interesting piece on the growing involvement of U.S. Special Forces in North Africa. Typically, small teams have worked in remote and skeletal outposts to train native armed forces across “an arc of … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of Empire

Nick Turse (2012). The Changing Face of Empire: Special Ops, Drones, Spies, Proxy Fighters, Secret Bases, and Cyberwarfare. Chicago: Haymarket Books Geography and geographic imaginations play a pivotal role in the practice of inter-state violence. From “Clash of Civilization”-type territorial … Continue reading

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Dirty Wars, A Review, Part 4: The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan)

Iraq The Iraqi occupation (2003-2011) was a mecca for the U.S. military’s Special Operations Forces and a new phase in counter-insurgency that resurrected the CIA’s gruesome tactics of the Vietnam-era of the 1960s. And was a dream come true for … Continue reading

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Supersizing the Drone War in Afghanistan

Coverage of America’s drone wars is usually focused on the Predator strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas. And for good reason too: they represent the end-points of a post-9/11 paramilitarized CIA. But 2012 was the year of the drone in Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire Spreads its Wings to Nigeria

Leon Panetta , the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, told influential  Washington think tank ‘Center for a New American Security’ that the fight against al-Qaeda would take U.S. Special Forces and ever-more drones to geographically-dispersed regions of the planet that … Continue reading

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What is the Obama Doctrine? Confront, Kill, and Conceal

What is the Obama Doctrine? Is there even such a thing? David Sanger’s book explores precisely this question by examining the often covert use of presidential power during Obama’s first term as U.S. Commander-in-Chief. From Pakistan to Libya to Iran, … Continue reading

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