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Remote: a Documentary about Drones and Humans

This is a 33-minute documentary I produced about drone warfare. It covers a lot of ground–from the history of air power, to signature strikes, miniaturized swarming, the future of policing, the role of autonomous AI, and what it all means … Continue reading

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Minority Report war-policing: the rush to secure time

The Hollywood film Minority Report, staring Tom Cruise, explores a world in which the  police are able to accurately predict, and stop, a crime before it is committed. The conceit throws up all kinds of interesting philosophical questions of course, … Continue reading

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Half killed in U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan are “unknown extremists”

The Independent reports on recently leaked U.S. documents show that in one year alone almost half killed were listed as “unknown extremists”. No doubt this is a result of targeting practices called signature strikes that track and eliminate suspicious “patterns … Continue reading

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Targeting the Lifeworld: A Note on Signature Strikes

I am currently reading Daniel Klaidman’s ‘Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency’ with much interest, and will post a summary/review soon. In the meantime, one of the nuggets gleaned so far is … Continue reading

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Obama’s Secret Kill List

A must-read NYT article discusses Obama’s oversight of the drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The U.S. President personally approves the “high value targets” that circulate every Tuesday in a counterterrorism meeting of two dozen security officials in the … Continue reading

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CIA Signature Strikes in Yemen Given Go-Ahead

The controversial CIA drone wars (sometimes in partnership with the military’s JSOC) have taken place in Yemen since 2002 (and number between 30 and 56). Today it was announced that unknown and non-specific ‘targets’ could be eliminated based on their … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire: 10 Thoughts on a New Strategy

The gradual intensification of US Predator and Reaper drone deployments across the planet represents a shift in the strategies of modern day warfare, security, and geopolitics. New theaters have been opened across the Gulf–some secret—some not-so-secret. As a National Strategy, … Continue reading

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CIA drones gone wild

Great post on the legality of the CIA’s ‘signature’ drone strikes. Under international laws of war, a targeted killing, by drone or otherwise, is only lawful if the target was, at the time of the strike, either “directly participating in hostilities” or … Continue reading

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