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Robot Wars: US Empire and Geopolitics in the Robotic Age

My latest open-access paper has just come online over at Security Dialogue. Abstract: How will the robot age transform warfare? What geopolitical futures are being imagined by the US military? This article constructs a robotic futurology to examine these crucial … Continue reading

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Remote: a Documentary about Drones and Humans

This is a 33-minute documentary I produced about drone warfare. It covers a lot of ground–from the history of air power, to signature strikes, miniaturized swarming, the future of policing, the role of autonomous AI, and what it all means … Continue reading

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Empire in an Age of Robots and Drones

On July 7, 2016, police forces in Dallas attached a small explosive device to a robot and sent it to kill Micah Johnson, the gunman who shot five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. Dallas Police Chief David … Continue reading

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Google buys Boston Dynamics robot company

Boston Dynamics became the eighth robotics company to be purchased by Google within the past 6 or so months. The maker of extraordinary machines, including the “BigDog”, has a reputation for producing robots that mimic creatures from the animal kingdom. … Continue reading

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Are Drones an Existential Threat?

Last week it came to light that Cambridge researchers are busy investigating whether technology could one day end up destroying civilization. Could robots wipe out mankind? It’s a question that science-fiction has sunk its teeth into for decades, if not … Continue reading

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Losing Humanity: Ban Killer Robots

Autonomous robots are on the horizon. The military’s creative minds are seeking new ways to remove direct human control from the ‘kill chain’. At least, that’s the conclusion I gleaned from investigating some of the U.S. Department of Defense’s recent publications. One of the … Continue reading

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The Coming Swarm

Critical to the future of drone warfare, both in military and paramilitary spaces, is (a) increased autonomy (b) increased cooperation (c) decreased size. The following video of 50 quadrocopters working in unison is a ‘nice’ illustration of all three strands of this … Continue reading

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