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What does a surveillance state look like? Part II: Blimps over Baltimore

Two aerostats are to be used to create a vast radar net over a 340-mile stretch of America’s northeast skies. From a 10,000 feet vantage point, the blimps–flown from the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground–will be able to detect cruise missiles … Continue reading

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Drones and personal privacy

If a stranger flies a drone over “your” backyard does that count as an invasion of privacy? The answer: that depends. Back in October, Alexis wrote a piece asking what rights do we have with regard to the air above … Continue reading

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Drones in States: Capital or Privacy?

There is a national debate simmering in the U.S. right now. Should state lawmakers welcome the drone industry in their backyard, or should they pass legislation that restricts the spread of unmanned aerial vehicles in the skies, in fear of … Continue reading

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Drone industry produces first ‘code of conduct’

A trade group for drone aircraft manufacturers and operators has released the industry’s first code of conduct in response to growing privacy concerns. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International said Monday that the recommendations for “safe, non-intrusive operation” are … Continue reading

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Drones to monitor US citizens

Barack Obama’s government is expanding its use of remote-controlled drone aircraft from monitoring and killing its enemies overseas to tracking and monitoring average Americans here inside the United States. These are the same drones that the U.S. military claims have … Continue reading

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