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Remotely Piloted War: How Drone War Became The American Way of Life

Tom Engelhardt reports on the historical conditions that gave birth to the Predator Empire: first the disarming of an engaged citizenry after the creation of an all-volunteer force in 1973; second the corporatization of warfare under 9/11 (but beginning with … Continue reading

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Afghanistan set to disband PMSCs in months

Afghan officials have seized millions of dollars worth of armored vehicles and weapons from private security firms in recent weeks, a move that has exacerbated concerns about the government’s plan to replace the hired guns that protect convoys and installations … Continue reading

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Contractors play key role in drone wars

“Our No. 1 manning problem in the Air Force is manning our unmanned platforms” – Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, Air Force vice chief of staff. America’s growing drone operations rely on hundreds of civilian contractors, including some — such as … Continue reading

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UK to provide 13,500 troops to secure 2012 olympics

The military presence for the games will now be bigger than Britain’s current deployment in Afghanistan, where there are about 9,500 British troops. Of the 13,500 military personnel, about 7,500 will help at venues, helping to admit spectators, athletes and … Continue reading

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Contractors in post-occupation Iraq

A handful of U.S. military personnel will remain in the country, working with the embassy to help with arms sales and training for Iraqi forces. Talks could resume next year on whether more U.S. troops can return for future training … Continue reading

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The Pentagon’s Privatization of the War on Drugs

An obscure Pentagon office designed to curb the flow of illegal drugs has quietly evolved into a one-stop shop for private security contractors around the world, soliciting deals worth over $3 billion. The sprawling contract, ostensibly designed to stop drug-funded … Continue reading

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Alarming rise in mercenary activities

The United Nations Working Group on the use of mercenaries warned Tuesday of an alarming resurgence of the use of mercenaries in armed conflict –“often in new and novel ways”. The expert panel also noted in a report* to the … Continue reading

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