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Why are drone strikes in Pakistan “ending”?

John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, met with his Pakistani counterpart on thursday to discuss security issues. He told Pakistani television that the U.S. would soon end drone strikes. “I believe that we’re on a good track,” he said. … Continue reading

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Confirmed: U.S. troops to construct drone base in Niger

The U.S. currently operates a medium-sized drone base in Djibouti at Camp Lemonnier, where joint Special Forces and CIA strike teams target al-Qaeda affiliates in Yemen and Somalia. This AFRICOM “footprint” is set to spread to Niger, with the construction … Continue reading

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The Predator Empire Spreads its Wings to Nigeria

Leon Panetta , the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, told influential  Washington think tank ‘Center for a New American Security’ that the fight against al-Qaeda would take U.S. Special Forces and ever-more drones to geographically-dispersed regions of the planet that … Continue reading

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