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Musharraf admits Pakistani cooperation in drone strikes

Ex-Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf acknowledged his government secretly signed off on U.S. drone strikes, the first time a top past or present Pakistani official has admitted publicly to such a deal. In an interview this week in Islamabad, Musharraf insisted … Continue reading

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The Secret History of US-Pakistan Relations

The modern relationship between Pakistan and the US can be traced back to a significant starting place: Afghanistan. Modern Afghanistan is divided by Hindu Kush mountain range stretching across the middle of the country. To the south live mainly Pashtun … Continue reading

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Secret Pakistan

A recent BBC2 documentary called ‘Secret Pakistan’ investigates the duplicity of Pakistan’s dealing with the US. In public, Pakistan was one of the strongest allies of the US throughout the 2000s and the Bush-Musharraf ‘war on terror’ relationship was strong. … Continue reading

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Musharraf: Why Haqqani terrorist group can help Pakistan

Mr Musharaff told The Daily Telegraph that it was important for his country to spell out to the world why the Haqqani network was being allowed to operate on its soil. With the relationship between Washington and Islamabad deteriorating sharply, … Continue reading

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