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What is the Obama Doctrine? Confront, Kill, and Conceal

What is the Obama Doctrine? Is there even such a thing? David Sanger’s book explores precisely this question by examining the often covert use of presidential power during Obama’s first term as U.S. Commander-in-Chief. From Pakistan to Libya to Iran, … Continue reading

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Drones have remained in Libya; will hunt for Benghazi attackers

A Defense Department official tells Danger Room that the U.S. has kept drone flights flying over Libya, despite the conflict that initially brought them to Libyan airspace ending nearly a year ago. “Yes, we have been flying CAPs since the war … Continue reading

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Gaddafi, drones, and violence

The bloody images of Gaddafi serve to remind us of the bloody reality of war. But it is not just a frantic crowd of Libyan rebels brandishing a disposed leader that produce such violent scenes: drone warfare—despite the views from … Continue reading

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Predator drones first to strike Gaddafi convoy

Nato forces designated Gaddafi as a military target after the former Libyan leader’s forces started firing on civilians as they tried to escape Sirte in a convoy of up to 100 vehicles. It is understood that RAF Tornados were patrolling … Continue reading

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Nato propoganda leaflet in Libya features Predator drone

The text in Arabic reads “Warning: You are neither a match nor an equivalent to the superior weapon systems and air force of NATO. Continuing to do what you are doing will result in your death”. The Atlantic.

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Changing definitions of ‘sovereignty’ help legitimize America’s Undeclared Wars

An article about the changing definition of sovereignty from a ‘right’ to a ‘responsibility’ based on a social contract, and the consequent use of ‘interventation’ when nation states no longer serve and protect the people. From Robin Phillips, Spokane Libertarian Examiner. … Continue reading

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Libyan rebels use drone

According to a press release by Canadian manufacturer Aeryon Labs Inc, the Aeryon Scout Micro UAV has been used by Libyan rebels.

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