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Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

“There is a logic to empire that differs from the logic of a nation, and acts committed in service to an empire but never acknowledged as such have a tendency to haunt the future” (p.8). The first of an “unlikely” … Continue reading

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A Robotic Alliance in the Pacific

David Axe at Reuters explores the emerging “robotic” alliance of U.S., Japan, and South Korea. Responding to territorial “aggression” from China and North Korea, these countries are seeing to pool together aerial intelligence gathered by the roll-out of the $215 … Continue reading

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Drone-on-Drone Warfare in the East China Sea?

Disputed islands in the East China Sea are likely to become a major geopolitical flashpoint in the near-future. Tokyo controls the islands and refers to them as Senkaku, while Beijing considers them Chinese territory and calls them Diaoyu. The controversy mirrors … Continue reading

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Chinese drones to monitor East China Sea

As drones become everyday tools of geopolitical power, the potential for conflict escalates between state and non-state actors, in geographic ‘flashpoint’s across the planet. The U.S. has set a dangerous precedent in its own program of extrajudicial strikes. China has said it will use … Continue reading

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