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Biometrics used to Monitor Afghan and Iraqi Populations

Information on over 1.5 million Afghans has been put in databases operated by Americans, NATO, and local forces – equivalent to roughly one in every six males of fighting age. In Iraq, the numbers are even more – with data … Continue reading

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Engelhardt on Obama’s 6 Wars

Iraq: Now largely the dregs of a counterinsurgency operation, this war will not end in 2011.  At his confirmation hearings, for instance, Panetta cited the existence of al-Qaeda in Iraq as a reason for U.S. troops to remain beyond an … Continue reading

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Troops in Iraq Beyond 2011 Pullout

Leon Panetta, outgoing CIA Director and incoming Secretary of State, said that Iraq will request the presence of US troops beyond the agreed withdrawal deadline of December 31st, 2011. The exact scale of the retain force is unknown, and will … Continue reading

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Iraq’s Post-Invasion Prospects?: Business as Usual

With U.S. military forces set to withdraw from Iraq by the end of the year, in an agreement originally brokered by former President Bush, the landscape left behind will look remarkably the same. The spaces and places still driven by … Continue reading

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Special Forces Raids in Iraq

Stephen Grey on British and American Special Forces. Instead of a patient approach of developing and then staking out targets, as used by the SAS in Northern Ireland, [Stanley McChrystal] demanded a blistering attack on the enemy. SAS squadrons, when … Continue reading

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