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Downed American drones paraded in China…

Back in December, 2011 Iran captured a U.S.-built RQ-170 drone. As it turns out, “The Beast of Kandahar” was not piloted by the U.S. Air Force–it was controlled by the CIA. Amidst much fanfare, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard displayed the … Continue reading

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What is the Obama Doctrine? Confront, Kill, and Conceal

What is the Obama Doctrine? Is there even such a thing? David Sanger’s book explores precisely this question by examining the often covert use of presidential power during Obama’s first term as U.S. Commander-in-Chief. From Pakistan to Libya to Iran, … Continue reading

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Iran fires on U.S. Predator Drone

Last week two Iranian ‘Frogfoot’ aircraft fired at a U.S Predator drone 16 nautical miles of Iran’s coast, in international waters. This unprecedented incident was the first of its kind, and is a stark reminder of the future sources of … Continue reading

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From Baseworld to Droneworld

Our planet is garrisoned by a network of around 1,100 bases operated by the U.S. military. Many of these sites exist in shadow because they are used for paramilitary operations by Special Forces and the CIA. These bases range in size and … Continue reading

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US drones spied on Iran for the past 3 years

More than three years ago, the CIA dispatched a stealth surveillance drone into the skies over Iran. The bat-winged aircraft penetrated more than 600 miles inside the country, captured images of Iran’s secret nuclear facility at Qom and then flew … Continue reading

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Iran protests drone incursion

The US drone which Iran said it had brought down penetrated 250 kilometres (150 miles) inside the Islamic republic’s air space, state television’s website reported on Friday. In a letter of protest to the United Nations, the government said “the … Continue reading

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US Presidential finding steps up covert war against Iran

Iran’s recovery of a downed U.S. surveillance drone publicized America’s ongoing covert war on Iran, a part of the Obama administration’s strategy even more bellicose than his predecessor’s. U.S. actions towards Iran are being couched as an attempt to prevent their … Continue reading

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