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U.S. drone strike takes place inside of “settled” Pakistan

On Thursday 2st November, a suspected U.S. drone struck a religious seminary that is allegedly linked to the Haqqani network, killing six people. What makes this strike fairly “out of the ordinary” is that it did not take place inside … Continue reading

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Haqqani network designated terrorist organization

Pakistani officials reacted cautiously on Friday to news that the United States had designated the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network as a terrorist group, allaying fears that the move could drive a fresh wedge between the two uneasy allies. The designation order, signed by … Continue reading

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The Haqqani Network – to be terrorist, or not to be?

Karen DeYoung reports on the Obama administration’s conflicted view of the powerful Pakistani-based organization the Haqqani network, whose origin dates back to the Cold War. Proponents, especially from the military, argue that designating the network a terrorist organization is vital … Continue reading

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Badruddin Haqqani confirmed dead in drone strike

Badruddin Haqqani, who has been described as the organization’s day-to-day operations commander, was killed on Aug. 24 in one of three strikes that hit militant hideouts in the Shawal Valley in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal area, said two senior intelligence … Continue reading

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Death Squads in Afghanistan

A chilling report by the NYT on the widespread influence of the Haqqani Network inside Afghanistan. The insurgent group, whose leader was a favorite of the US-backed mujahideen, is responsible for numerous assassinations in broad daylight, especially in villages close … Continue reading

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Drone attack kills senior Haqqani leader

 A C.I.A. drone strike on Thursday killed a high-level commander in the Haqqani network, the militant group that has been the largest killer of American troops in Afghanistan, American officials said. The officials said they had confirmed the death of Janbaz Zadran, who … Continue reading

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The Haqqani network and Pakistan

A must-read from the Economist. Clutching a glass of distinctly un-Islamic whisky, a retired senior Pakistani official explains at a drinks party in Islamabad, the capital, that his country has no choice but to support the jihadist opposition in Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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