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Drone-on-Drone Warfare in the East China Sea?

Disputed islands in the East China Sea are likely to become a major geopolitical flashpoint in the near-future. Tokyo controls the islands and refers to them as Senkaku, while Beijing considers them Chinese territory and calls them Diaoyu. The controversy mirrors … Continue reading

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2013: Same Drone, Different Day

2012 saw the continued expansion of drone warfare across the planet. Spearheaded by the CIA, supported by Special Forces, and denied by politicians, targeted killings etched themselves into the earth’s surface like never before, destroying families, communities and entire regions, … Continue reading

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Video: Predator Empire: The Geopolitics of U.S. Drone Warfare

I was invited to give a talk to a small workshop on ‘The Future of the Middle East’ at the University of Glasgow on Saturday 24th November, 2012. It is around 25 minutes, with questions and comments that follow. The … Continue reading

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Essay: The Historical Rise of the Predator Drone

The Rise of the Predator Empire: Tracing the History of U.S. Drones [UPDATED HERE]. The MQ-1 Predator is perhaps the most well-known of all military drones used today. It has a wingspan of 55 feet, a length of 27 feet, … Continue reading

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Drones and targeted killings: ‘On-the-record’ government speeches

A very helpful blog post over at the Council on Foreign Relations summarizes the Obama administration’s on-the-record justifications for its program of targeted killings. While the details of the CIA’s ‘Third War’ remain shrouded in secrecy, government officials frequently allude to its efficiency, technicity, … Continue reading

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The paradoxes and pitfalls of the anti-drone debate.

An intelligent piece written by Myra Macdonald of Reuters that brings attention to the complexities of drone warfare in Pakistan. She argues that by focusing only on the negative impacts of U.S. drone strikes as unilateral acts of imperialism, the … Continue reading

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Chinese drones to monitor East China Sea

As drones become everyday tools of geopolitical power, the potential for conflict escalates between state and non-state actors, in geographic ‘flashpoint’s across the planet. The U.S. has set a dangerous precedent in its own program of extrajudicial strikes. China has said it will use … Continue reading

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