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A Deadly Atmosphere: The Emerging Dronification of Space

Imperial Information Gathering In one of the most chilling and prescient accounts of the future of drone warfare I have come across in a while, Alfred McCoy, author of Endless Empire: Spain’s Retreat, Europe’s Eclipse, America’s Decline?, and a history professor at the … Continue reading

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The Drones of the Future

This Wired article contains a portfolio of future drones. Common developments include increased autonomy, stealth capabilities, and a reduction in size (think of a swarm of angry insects). China is also emerging as a leading developer of unmanned technologies.

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Drones to monitor US citizens

Barack Obama’s government is expanding its use of remote-controlled drone aircraft from monitoring and killing its enemies overseas to tracking and monitoring average Americans here inside the United States. These are the same drones that the U.S. military claims have … Continue reading

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US Navy’s ‘UFO-Like’ Stealth Drone Takes Flight

The U.S. Navy reached a new milestone for a futuristic new stealth drone when it successfully retracted its landing gear and flew in cruise configuration for the first time, engineers announced Tuesday. Developed by Northrop Grumman, the X-47B is a tailless, strike fighter-sized unmanned … Continue reading

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The drone ‘arms race’ and the world we’re creating

At the Zhuhai air show in southeastern China last November, Chinese companies startled some Americans by unveiling 25 different models of remotely controlled aircraft and showing video animation of a missile-armed drone taking out an armored vehicle and attacking a … Continue reading

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Drones and terrorism in the coming years

In a world where drones are becoming the new tools of extra-judicial executions and geopolitical power projection, it is only inevitable that the technology will fall into the hands of ‘the wrong people’, as evidenced by the foiling of the … Continue reading

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