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Essay: The Historical Rise of the Predator Drone

The Rise of the Predator Empire: Tracing the History of U.S. Drones [UPDATED HERE]. The MQ-1 Predator is perhaps the most well-known of all military drones used today. It has a wingspan of 55 feet, a length of 27 feet, … Continue reading

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Inside Pakistan’s drone country

This report details the 25 days spent in North Waziristan by a BBC reporter. As with much commentary emerging from the tribal areas, the psychological damage caused by drones hovering in the sky all day and night is highlighted. On-the-ground … Continue reading

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The paradoxes and pitfalls of the anti-drone debate.

An intelligent piece written by Myra Macdonald of Reuters that brings attention to the complexities of drone warfare in Pakistan. She argues that by focusing only on the negative impacts of U.S. drone strikes as unilateral acts of imperialism, the … Continue reading

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Living Under Drones

Stanford Law School and the New York School of Law have released a report on the impact of drones in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. They found that despite the official U.S. narrative: 1. Civilians are routinely killed, … Continue reading

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U.S. is at war with the FATA

In his recent visit to India, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta used blunt language to describe the campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA): “We are fighting a war in the FATA, we are fighting a war against terrorism”. … Continue reading

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The Secret History of US-Pakistan Relations

The modern relationship between Pakistan and the US can be traced back to a significant starting place: Afghanistan. Modern Afghanistan is divided by Hindu Kush mountain range stretching across the middle of the country. To the south live mainly Pashtun … Continue reading

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Changes to Pakistan’s tribal areas

This Al Jazeera opinion piece argues that the ‘war on terror’ brought attention to the legal inequality of the Pashtun people in FATA, and has been important in bringing about changes–despite not going far enough.

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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism Launches Drone Report

Drones are unmanned flying aircraft regularly used by the CIA (in fact, once every four days) to assassinate suspected militants in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). The agencies of North and South Waziristan are the main targets, due to … Continue reading

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Photographing the Human Cost of Drone Warfare

The Guardian reports on the herculian efforts of one photographer documenting the aftermath of drone strikes in his home of Waziristan. His name is Noor Behram.   Arriving minutes after explosions, he checks for survivors before photographing the damage done. … Continue reading

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Drone Strikes kill 45 in 24 Hour Period

Drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas killed at least 45 suspected ‘militants’, Reuters confirms. It is the second-largest single death tolls to date in the controverial bombing campaign. The attacks started on monday night, when drones fired into a militant … Continue reading

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