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Robot Wars: US Empire and Geopolitics in the Robotic Age

My latest open-access paper has just come online over at Security Dialogue. Abstract: How will the robot age transform warfare? What geopolitical futures are being imagined by the US military? This article constructs a robotic futurology to examine these crucial … Continue reading

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Empire in an Age of Robots and Drones

On July 7, 2016, police forces in Dallas attached a small explosive device to a robot and sent it to kill Micah Johnson, the gunman who shot five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. Dallas Police Chief David … Continue reading

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The Sound of Terror: Phenomenology of a Drone Strike

The “sensory” dimension of drone strikes is explored in Nasser Hussein’s article, “Phenomenology of a Drone Strike” in the Boston Review. Here, Hussein compares two competing visual and aural registers: the silent seeing of the drone’s camera from the skies, … Continue reading

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The Final Frontier: Garrisoning Outer Space

Much like the vast oceans that cover our planet, outer space is a similarly uninhabitable environment. Without artificial life support machines and impermeable materials, humans would either drown in the water, or suffocate in the hollow. And yet these expanses … Continue reading

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Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire

“There is a logic to empire that differs from the logic of a nation, and acts committed in service to an empire but never acknowledged as such have a tendency to haunt the future” (p.8). The first of an “unlikely” … Continue reading

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Ocean Power, Sovereign Power: The Fusion of the U.S. Navy and Drones in the Predator Empire

Ocean Power, Sovereign Power: The Fusion of the U.S. Navy and Drones in the Predator Empire In this essay, a work-in-progress, I want to think through the symbiotic relationship between the ocean, the ship, and the drone. The argument will … Continue reading

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Where is Guantanamo Bay?

With all the recent attention focused on detainees’ hunger strikes, it is important to ask where is the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay?  On a map it’s easy enough to locate: the southeast tip of Cuba. But it’s also … Continue reading

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