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The paradoxes and pitfalls of the anti-drone debate.

An intelligent piece written by Myra Macdonald of Reuters that brings attention to the complexities of drone warfare in Pakistan. She argues that by focusing only on the negative impacts of U.S. drone strikes as unilateral acts of imperialism, the … Continue reading

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Police Drones and Autonomy

The ‘domestication’ of drone technology is developing at an alarming pace, and is only set to increase with FAA regulations coming into force, opening the skies for drones everywhere. The ‘Qube’ drone represents the evolution of drones for policing civilian … Continue reading

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U.K. drone spending tops £2bn

The UK has spent more than £2bn on buying and developing militarydrones over the past five years and is poised to commit an extra £2bn for another new unmanned aircraft, according to a report. Guardian

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Waging War by Other Means: The Bureaucratic Present

Waging War by Other Means: The Bureaucratic Present ‘In facing a legislature, the bureaucracy, motivated by a pure lust for power, will battle every attempt of the legislature to gain information by means of its own experts or from interest … Continue reading

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Meet the Wraith: Police Drones coming to the Republican National Convention

The Tampa police department is rolling out sinister looking drones for the upcoming Republican Convention. The Wraith is a heavily armoured remotely operated ground vehicle developed by United Drones. It can travel at speeds of up to 65mph and climb … Continue reading

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Evidence suggests civilian drone deaths far higher than official figures

Gareth Porter reports on the mismatch between the widely-cited statistics on drone casualties reported by the New America Foundation, and those reports from eye-witness accounts by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and family statements signed under affadivit. Combining the data on the … Continue reading

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U.N. Special Rapporteur urges drone transparency

Amid mounting global pressure and a range of lawsuits, Ben Emmerson QC, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights, argues that the U.S. must open its program of targeted killings to impartial investigation or face a U.N. inquiry. “We can’t make a … Continue reading

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Book review: Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control

Medea Benjamin, a well-known anti-war activist and founder of CODEPINK, delivers an excellent overview of the complex themes of drone warfare in her book Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, from tales of horror in Pakistan’s tribal areas, to stories of hope … Continue reading

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Book Review: Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare, 2001 – 2050

Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt, Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare, 2001 – 2050. Dispatch Books, 2012. 179 pp  For readers of the popular website TomDispatch.com, editors Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse need little introduction. The weekly ‘Tomgrams’ … Continue reading

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Predator Empire: The Geopolitics of U.S. Drone Warfare, 2012 PDF Handout

I have put together a two-page PDF highlighting the key trends of the “Predator Empire”, including figures, images, and maps. It is intended to be a quick overview of some of the key issues. Feel free to share, just make … Continue reading

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