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Predator Empire – 30% discount at UMP

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The underwater drone “mothership” called Hydra and the RHex

The producer of our science-fiction dreams, DARPA, has been busy. It recently announced plans to develop an underwater “mothership” that would be capable of launching unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) from below the surface of the … Continue reading

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Israel largest drone exporter

Israel is the world’s largest exporter of drones, mainly to Europe, Asia and Latin America, in a trade worth more than $4.6bn (£3bn) over the past eight years. A study by the business consultancy Frost and Sullivan found that unmanned aerial vehicles … Continue reading

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Pentagon creates medal for drone pilots and cyber warriors

As previously detailed on this site [here (with the UK equivalent here)], the U.S. military is keen to devise a medal that can be awarded for “war fighters” that do not set foot in battle. Rather, the proposed blue, red and white-ribboned Distinguished … Continue reading

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An act of self-defense? More on the legality of drone strikes in Pakistan

The legality of drone strikes in Pakistan – an act of self defense?  A state’s right to use force is set out in the United Nations Charter, the rules of customary international law, and in general principles of international law … Continue reading

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Is the U.S. drone campaign in Pakistan legal?

The September 2012 report called ‘Living Under Drones‘ by Stanford Law School and NYU  School of Law devotes a chapter to exploring whether or not the CIA’s program of targeted killings in the tribal areas of Pakistan is legal. Below … Continue reading

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The Playbook and the Lethal Bureaucrat: John Brennan and the creation of a ‘Permanent War’

In the second of their reports on the Obama administrations institutionalization of targeted killings across the planet, The Washington Post’s Karen DeYoung profiles John Brennan, Obama’s highly influential counterterrorism czar. She writes that Brennan’s ‘just war’ legacy will far outlast his time in the White … Continue reading

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