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Radio Interview…. “Drones: Warfare in the 21st Century”

A couple of months ago, I had the rather nervous task of being interviewed by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) for their weekly radio program “Rear Vision”. The show has just been broadcast and can be found online here. The two … Continue reading

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CIA too involved in counter-terrorist operations

A panel of advisers led by influential Washington officials, including Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, have concluded that “blind spots” in U.S. intelligence have arisen as a result of a narrowed focus on military operations and drone strikes. The still classified … Continue reading

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The Obama Administration’s ‘Disposition Matrix’ – a Deadly Drone Database?

“We have a disposition problem” – former U.S. counterterrorism official, 2012 Greg Miller from the Washington Post has a must-read on the Obama Administration’s construction of a secret database for administering life and death. For the past two years, officials … Continue reading

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