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The legal limits of the drone war

Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post report on the White House’s examination of the legal basis of its global war on terror. For over a decade now, the administration has relied upon a 2001 piece of congressional legislation called … Continue reading

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Architect of drone war is made…architect of drone war

John Brennan’s nomination for CIA Chief in the wake of David “All In” Patreaus’ fall from grace is hardly a surprise. In 2008, Brennan was Obama’s pick for the role, but retracted his nomination after his support for “enhanced interrogation” … Continue reading

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2013: Same Drone, Different Day

2012 saw the continued expansion of drone warfare across the planet. Spearheaded by the CIA, supported by Special Forces, and denied by politicians, targeted killings etched themselves into the earth’s surface like never before, destroying families, communities and entire regions, … Continue reading

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Supersizing the Drone War in Afghanistan

Coverage of America’s drone wars is usually focused on the Predator strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas. And for good reason too: they represent the end-points of a post-9/11 paramilitarized CIA. But 2012 was the year of the drone in Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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The Jewel in the Crown of Washington’s Permanent War: Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti

In the final of the ‘Permanent War’ series from the Washington Post, Craig Whitlock reports on the expansion of Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, the U.S. first ‘counter-terrorism’ base, and the hub of drone operations in Somalia and Yemen. In fact, drones … Continue reading

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The Playbook and the Lethal Bureaucrat: John Brennan and the creation of a ‘Permanent War’

In the second of their reports on the Obama administrations institutionalization of targeted killings across the planet, The Washington Post’s Karen DeYoung profiles John Brennan, Obama’s highly influential counterterrorism czar. She writes that Brennan’s ‘just war’ legacy will far outlast his time in the White … Continue reading

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John Brennan, counter-terrorist czar, defends drone strikes in Yemen

The escalating and secretive drone war inside of Yemen, conducted in partnership between JSOC, the CIA, and Yemenese forces, was defended by John Brennan as part of the “solution” to militancy. The strikes, which target members of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula … Continue reading

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Obama’s Secret Kill List

A must-read NYT article discusses Obama’s oversight of the drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The U.S. President personally approves the “high value targets” that circulate every Tuesday in a counterterrorism meeting of two dozen security officials in the … Continue reading

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CIA shifts focus to killing targets

The Washington Post reports on the shifting focus of the CIA and its counter-terrorism strategies. Once an organization primarily concerned with analysis and policy, the CIA and its its Counterterrorism Center are now central forces in shadowy paramilitary operations in … Continue reading

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More on Obama Administrations New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

The Obama administration has concluded in a newly released counter-terrorism strategy that precision strikes and raids, rather than large land wars, are the most effective way to defeat Al Qaeda. “Al Qaeda seeks to bleed us financially by drawing us … Continue reading

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