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The psychological impact on drone pilots

Around 1,100 Air Force pilots fly remotely piloted aircraft, or drones. These planes soar over Iraq or Afghanistan, but the pilots sit at military bases back in the United States. A new Pentagon study shows that almost 30 percent of … Continue reading

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First American causalities of drone ‘friendly fire’ result of miscommunication

The LA Times summarizes a report into the case of US marines killed by a Predator drone. The main findings surround the miscommunication between ground and air, and the rate at which the Hellfire missile was deployed.

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Story on UK Reaper pilots at Creech

The Guardian gives a nice overview of the RAF’s 39 squadron,  formed in 2007. The pilots fly Reapers in Afghanistan, and the unit is expected to expand as the RAF seeks to increase the number of unmanned aircraft in its … Continue reading

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