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Pakistani protestors block NATO supply line

In the wake of last Thursday’s drone strike inside Khyber Pakhtunkhwa–one of Pakistan’s four “settled” provinces–protestors led by Imran Khan have blocked NATO supply traffic. Khan, whose Tehreek-e-Insaf political party runs the provincial government, called on federal officials to take … Continue reading

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U.S. drone strike takes place inside of “settled” Pakistan

On Thursday 2st November, a suspected U.S. drone struck a religious seminary that is allegedly linked to the Haqqani network, killing six people. What makes this strike fairly “out of the ordinary” is that it did not take place inside … Continue reading

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Diplomatic memos reveal extent of US-Pakistan drone cooperation

Although it is now widely known that the CIA and Pakistan’s ISI have cooperated on the targeting and execution of drone strikes in the tribal areas, the Washington Post has obtained files that detail the explicit nature of this relationship … Continue reading

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Amnesty International: Drone strikes may amount to war crimes

Hot on the heels of two UN reports, Amnesty International has released a report on drone strikes in Pakistan, entitled “Will I Be Next?”. The study is not comprehensive, but rather a “qualitative assessment based on detailed field research into … Continue reading

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Naming the Dead

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism recently launched its “Naming the Dead” project, which aims to catalog the names of those men, women, and children who have been killed in some 340 CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. The website’s objective is … Continue reading

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An Espionage Empire: Details of “Black Budget” leak

Last week, Edward Snowden leaked the National Intelligence Program’s top-secret annual budget report to the Washington Post (formally known as the Congressional Budget Justification for the National Intelligence Program). The document is the first to breakdown the $56.2 billion spending … Continue reading

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Why are drone strikes in Pakistan “ending”?

John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, met with his Pakistani counterpart on thursday to discuss security issues. He told Pakistani television that the U.S. would soon end drone strikes. “I believe that we’re on a good track,” he said. … Continue reading

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