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Obama should release classified drone memo

Vicki Divoll, former general counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and former deputy legal adviser to the C.I.A.’s Counterterrorism Center, has written on Op-Ed in the New York Times where she demands that the Obama administration releases classified … Continue reading

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What is the Obama Doctrine? Confront, Kill, and Conceal

What is the Obama Doctrine? Is there even such a thing? David Sanger’s book explores precisely this question by examining the often covert use of presidential power during Obama’s first term as U.S. Commander-in-Chief. From Pakistan to Libya to Iran, … Continue reading

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Drones and targeted killings: ‘On-the-record’ government speeches

A very helpful blog post over at the Council on Foreign Relations summarizes the Obama administration’s on-the-record justifications for its program of targeted killings. While the details of the CIA’s ‘Third War’ remain shrouded in secrecy, government officials frequently allude to its efficiency, technicity, … Continue reading

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Obama opens up about drone war in CNN interview

In an interview with Jessica Yellin on September 11th, Obama discussed the U.S.’ controversial drone program. “You know, drones are one tool that we use. And our criteria for using them is very tight and very strict. It has to … Continue reading

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Obama confirms drone strikes in Pakistan

For the first time since the CIA program in FATA began, Obama has officially recognized the clandestine drone strikes. Obama’s admission came in response to a question from a young man named, Evan, from Brooklyn, New York, who said: “Mr. … Continue reading

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Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

The unmanned drone is the post-9/11 signature counter-terrorism tool. In the space of three years, the administration has built an extensive apparatus for using drones to carry out targeted killings of suspected terrorists and stealth surveillance of other adversaries. The … Continue reading

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Condoloences, not Apologies: Obama regret over Pakistani deaths

President Obama phoned the president of Pakistan on Sunday to offer “condolences” for the deaths of two dozen soldiers killed in NATO airstrikes along the Afghan border, the White House said. The conversation, eight days after the attack, overcame the … Continue reading

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