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China offers to aid Pakistan’s drone development

The Washington Post reports on Pakistan’s nascent drone program. According to the WP, while Pakistan’s technology is some ways off the capabilities of U.S. or Israeli UAVs (Pakistan’s drones currently use the limited use ‘line of sight’ radio communication and unguided rockets), China is keen … Continue reading

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Chinese drones to monitor East China Sea

As drones become everyday tools of geopolitical power, the potential for conflict escalates between state and non-state actors, in geographic ‘flashpoint’s across the planet. The U.S. has set a dangerous precedent in its own program of extrajudicial strikes. China has said it will use … Continue reading

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China’s Drone Development

The expansion of unmanned aerial systems to countries across the globe continues unabated, with an estimated 50 nations now developing the robotic planes. The technologies are rarely exported, so that most development is in-house, apart from exchanges between the US … Continue reading

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