Drone-proof cities in an age of surveillance?

Shura CityCheck out “Shura City“, an urban environment designed to counter robotic forms of surveillance. It is a place for the hunted to hide. The city is therefore part of a long history of architectural blueprints that have “defensible space”–in some form or anther–as their inspiration. As designer Asher Kohn writes,

The goal is not defense-through-hardening, but defense-through-confusion. By turning the entire community into a closed circuit, drones targeting individuals will not be able to select and detect the individuals they desire once they enter the city. It is here when the community must rely on the humanity of their surveyors.This is a humanity some may say is foolish, some may say that drones exist to remove humanity from the equation. On the counter, creating an empty data set turns the smart drones into dumb bombs, and there’s nothing a technologically superior force dislikes more than being turned brought down to their opponents’ level.This built environment presents drones with an inscrutable puzzle.

The related Smithsonian magazine article also envisions other types of urban utopias, including the “Citadel”, a place for American patriots to dwell.


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