“Forensic Architects” recreate drone strikes

Story here on the growing use of computer programs to virtually recreate the impact of drone strikes using satellite imagery. The visual data can then be used by “forensic architects” to assess whether a disproportionate number of civilians were targeted in the attack.

Forensic architecture is a new data and tech-driven field of investigation that is about three years old. One of its pioneers, Eyal Weizman of UK-based Forensic Architecture, has been working on 25-different research projects, with the UN drone strike one of them. Over Skype, Weizman describes for techPresident the nature of a field which he says, is the first of its kind: “We think of ourselves very much like archeologists of contemporary ruins” that use technology to piece together conflict or other human rights and policy-related issues. Data comes from a variety of sources: visualization software, video and photography, eyewitness reports, satellite imagery, GPS, radar, and news reports.

The UN Human Rights organization used the method for its recently released Special Rapporteur drone inquiry, the website of which can be found here.

Forensic Architecture

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