Intervention – ‘Ghosts in the Machine: Drone Warfare will Haunt the Future’

Antipode have published an intervention of mine. Lots of fun to write!

Ian Shaw by Ian G. R. Shaw , University of Glasgow

How did the planet become a robotic hunting ground? The grip of a single nation over the world is a fantasy as old as empire. But in the past decade the hubris of that dream—of a global battlespace—has slowly been materializing, first as shadow, then as spectacle. While there is no single tipping point, there is certainly a moment that characterizes our imperial present: the death of Osama bin Laden, the existential bogeyman. Our watchkeepers could hardly wait to leak the bloody details of the extrajudicial raid. Walt Disney even tried to trademark “SEAL Team 6” but soon withdrew “out of deference to the Navy”. One can only speculate what Disney had in mind with such a profitable patent—cartoons, action-figures, or perhaps kids’ bedding? The next year, in 2012, the movie Act of Valor was released, starring active-duty Navy…

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