Contraband smuggled into U.S. prison with remote-controlled helicopter

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 09.38.03

Four men have been arrested for flying contraband goods into a south Georgia prison, using a remotely-piloted helicopter.

A lieutenant from the Calhoun state prison noticed a small helicopter hovering over the gates and a search of the area began. Sheriff Josh Hilton says about an hour later deputies noticed a suspicious black car with Gwinnett County tags.”After we gained consent to search the car we found the helicopter and I don’t know exactly how much it was but probably about 1 to 2 pounds of tobacco rolled up,” Hilton said.

The story in itself isn’t particularly newsworthy – the plot was ultimately a failure. But it does hint at the ways in which the “vertical” or the full-spectrum of the “atmosphere” will be used in a variety of illicit ways.

As drone technology becomes cheaper and more readily accessible, it will be used and abused in a range of different practices that will slowly, but definitively, re-organize society, and particularly the “securitization” of society.

One can imagine, for example, future prisons that are designed to combat drone infiltration. The same kinds of “anti-access” technologies–perhaps even “security drones”–will no doubt be rolled out across airports, buildings that house VIPs (such as politicians), corporate headquarters, and so on.

It all seems…so inevitable…


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