U.S. domestic drone shield

As Florida looks set to ban drones for law enforcement without a search warrant, it is has been interesting to see the explosion of domestic legislation aimed a curbing drone use by the police. It’s an issue that unites left and right, and really stokes the fire of libertarians, who see the technology as a 1984-esque government takeover of the skies.

City and state legislators are constructing a domestic drone shield over their backyards – using the law to ground the encroachment of unmanned aerial vehicles.

And yet the opposition to using drones abroad is far less according to recent polls, which suggest the overwhelming majority of Americans support the technology for terminating terrorists in far-away lands.

But it is extremely important for those that would oppose drones at home but support them away, to connect the dots and understand that military technology, tactics, and tools always come back home – like a boomerang.

The world that is created “out there” is the same world that will envelop us “back here” – regardless of the drone shields we may construct with local legislation.

And in that respect, the genie left the bottle a long time ago.

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