Wings over Waziristan: Footage of the British RAF in Tribal Areas, 1936-7

Derek Gregory has two must-read posts on drone warfare in Pakistan’s FATA here and here. Included is amazing footage of RAF bombing sorties against the tribal Wazirs during the 1936-7 “insurrection” led by the “mad mullah” the “Faqir of Ipi”. This was an asymmetrical conflict which drew in 40,000 Indian Army soldiers against 4,000 lashkars – marking it as one of the largest-scale revolts in the inter-war period, and one that was never quelled.

The footage is an important historical reminder that the CIA’s drone campaign rests upon a colonial legacy that is still being played out in modern-day lawfare and warfare.

Extracts from BBC program ‘Wings over Waziristan’, with Group Captain Robert Lister interviewed here.

Colonial film footage here with excellent analysis, including the following references:

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