RAF drone pilots to get their own “wings” badges

Following on from the U.S. Air Force’s lead, which is considering “bravery” medals for its pilots, the RAF is mulling awarding “badges” to its armchair operators. Perhaps irony is insufficient in times like these. But for those that still want a serving of irony, check out this interactive game called “unmanned“, based on the average day of a drone pilot in Nevada.

Original story:

Pilots of the RAF’s remotely controlled drones are to be given their own version of the service’s ‘wings’ badge as the military looks to expand the use of the technology, it emerged on Friday.

In what is thought to be the first change to the badge for qualified pilots, the head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshall Sir Stephen Dalton, said the move reflected the importance and “increasing reliance upon remotely piloted capabilities”.

Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute, Dalton said unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) would be essential for the RAF and argued the service also had to look to space as another “new fertile ground for intellectual and technical development”.

The Guardian

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