Amnesty report reminds us there’s more than drones in the tribal areas

Amnesty Report coverThis excellent report released by Amnesty International details the abuses and instances of torture that residents of Pakistan’s tribal areas are routinely subjected to by the Pakistani Armed Forces and the Taliban. Much of this violence is performed with impunity due to the peculiar legal status of the territory of FATA; a point that Majed and I were keen to make in our Antipode paper.

A key driver of impunity for state and non-state perpetrators is the constitutional exclusion of  the courts from ruling on fundamental rights issues in FATA. For over a century the FCR has been and continues to be used by the state to loosely govern FATA with minimal or nonexistent human rights protections.

Aside from reinstating the ongoing colonial legacy of the British raj in the territory, the report is important for reminding us of the complexities of a region that is intersected by a variety of external forces, not just CIA drones. But perhaps most of all, it is a sombre reminder of the everyday violence experienced by hundreds and thousands of innocent families.

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