The U.S.’s global proxy war

Nick Turse writes on the U.S.’ funding and training of over 60 nations across the planet for ‘peace initiatives’. The military is heavily involved in partnering with local forces–especially in Africa–for counter-terrorist measures, creating a global network of proxy armies; and with it, a global network of potential blowback.

With ongoing military operations in AsiaAfricathe Middle East and Latin America, the Obama administration has embraced a six-point program for light-footprint warfare relying heavily on special operations forcesdrones,spiescivilian partnerscyber warfare, and proxy fighters.  Of all the facets of this new way of war, the training and employment of proxies has generally been the least noticed, even though reliance on foreign forces is considered one of its prime selling points.  As the State Department’s Andrew Shapiro put it in a speech earlier this year: “[T]he importance of these missions to the security of the United States is often little appreciated… To put it clearly: When these peacekeepers deploy it means that U.S. forces are less likely to be called on to intervene.”  In other words, to put it even more clearly, more dead locals, fewer dead Americans.

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