Washington Post-ABC News Poll: Most in Favor of Drone Strikes

A recent poll suggests the vast majority of people are in favor of UAV strikes, including against American targets living overseas.

                                           --- Approve ----   -- Disapprove --   No
                                           NET  Str.  Smwt.   NET  Smwt.  Str.   op.
a. Keeping open the prison at Guantanamo                             
   Bay for terrorist suspects              70    42    28     24    12     13     5
b. The drawdown of U.S. troops from                      
   Afghanistan                             78    56    23     19    10      9     2
c. The use of unmanned, “drone” aircraft               
   against terrorist suspects overseas     83    59    23     11     7      4     6

(IF APPROVE OF DRONE AIRCRAFT) What if those suspected terrorists are American citizens living in other countries? In that case do you approve or disapprove of the use of drones?

         Approve   Disapprove   No opinion
2/4/12     79          17            4
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